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Biochemistry for medical students in MCQ (English language)

This biochemistry course is for checking of students knowledge in all biocemistry topics in MCQ. All 2-nd years students are require to pass this course

Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

This course is MCQ only course and teacher paced. For passing of topics in this course you should receive the letter (invitation) on your university e-mail. The pass-mark is 75% of correct answer .


Only 2-nd years students alowed to pass this biochemistry course. If you are not 2-nd year student already, you have to send the request for acssess to this course owners .

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Ass.Prof. Dr. V.Senchiy

Course Staff Image #2

Ass.Prof Dr. T.Maksymchuk

Course Staff Image #2

prof. assistant Dr.A.Nykolyn

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